CSS for Print fell flat with agencies that ONLY work with Word/DOCX for resumes. Pandoc’s style reference helps. Here’s a Makefile snippet

RESUMES = $(wildcard _resumes/*.md)
RESUMES_DOCX = $(patsubst %.md,%.docx,$(RESUMES))

resumes-docx: $(RESUMES_DOCX)

PANDOC_DOCX_ARGS = --reference-doc=./assets/docx-reference/resume.docx
%.docx: %.md
	pandoc -f markdown $(PANDOC_DOCX_ARGS) -s $< -o $@

Create the reference DOCX with

pandoc -o custom-reference.docx --print-default-data-file reference.docx

Headers and footers require a two-stage approach because templates work for ODT and PDF and do not for DOCX and PPT.