Hi, I’m Chris Dukes. I’m a generalist that focuses on computer technology behind everyday things. “I don’t know yet. When do you need to know?” is my motto. And it’s accelerated Dev/QA pace through Continuous Integration and build cleanup. It brought expensive failure analysis equipment back online. It stopped hidden work disruptions. I use shell (bash), scripting (Python), compiled (golang), frontend (typescript), and relational (SQL) languages to leverage that new knowledge. I want to figure out the 20% effort that gets you 80% of what you need. That’s packaging most of the time. That can be a lift and shift to VMs in the cloud for data center resilience while capturing this infrastructure in Terraform. Identifying the pieces that benefit from horizontal scaling and microservices in Dockerfiles and Helm Charts. Or just taking an unwritten process, documenting it, and implementing it as code. Because life is too amazing for pointless toil and drudgery. I enjoy learning new things, and I prefer a few filters to direct what I can discover.