Welcome to neotoma.

Contrarian. Generalist. Grump. I figure out the 20% needed to get 80% of what’s wanted. And I do it before you find your expert. And I’ll make it repeatable. I enjoy moving human error somplace safe and enlightening. It manifests in builds, systems management, employee growth, process improvement, process discovery, and drafting policy. Wait, it sounds too good to be true! It is. See Contrarian and Grump.

I farm, work in Information Technology, distance run, take taekwondo, and spend too much time reading. Too much information finds me and I must share it.

Farming: Now it is ducks and geese. Will add goats, sheep, or cows. Egg prices here. Regenerating soil is my intent.

Information Technology: Mostly Unix/Linux, some Windows, some Mainframe, some Mac. I prefer python and bash. I’ll deal with whatever language or system expresses a company’s business domain. I like process and documentation. Good process and documentation allow growth and change. I’m also fascinated by anything that prevents errors.

Running: 10-15 miles is my thing. Made it to 20 miles in one run. That recovery took too long.

Taekwondo: Squeaked through the color belt requirements at Lee Brothers Martial Arts. Squeaked through the black belt pre-tests. Injured my shoulder and lost focus and having a hard time regaining it.

Reading: A mix of fiction and non-fiction. Currently on Thinking, Fast and Slow.

Neotoma: Long ago I was an avid BBS user. My main handle was ‘pakrat’. Mooched from the DC Character Pakrat. The pakrat domains were taken in 2001 so I went sideways and grabbed the pack rat genus “Neotoma”.

Grump: The bad news, there’s a cloud to every silver lining. The good news, I’ll find that unexpected path. Like a brick can be used to stop a printer from ever having another printer jam.

Contrarian: Let’s leave it as “It started when Pluto was a planet and went inside Neptune’s orbit and I discovered the power of ‘That is not what the book says’.”