Tonight will be the coldest night this winter, 23F. And with that comes the struggle of water to the poultry.

I shutoff and disconnected water hoses in the past. I’d carry water buckets. This year, trying something different.

I’ve placed a 1/2 gallon per hour dripper on the end of the hoses stretching across the pasture. I’ll turn it on this evening.


And I’ll give it an insulating cover made from a zip seal bag for moving your office.

Bag with Blanket

The next hose wye is trying shredded paper in the same kind of bag.

Bag of Shredded Paper

I use wyes to connect hoses for a few reasons.

  1. Metal hose connectors with my water becomes a permanent joint
  2. Shutting water off next to the hose to remove is simple
  3. Having water available multiple places along the hoses is convenient
  4. A brass wye (Not shown) keeps the hose in the bucket when filling.

Chaining with Wyes

The drippers worked great this past summer keeping buckets full and keeping the water cool.