I intended to convert this blog to zola this weekend.

Wrong steps so far:

  • Using the existing themes from their themes page. They’re inconsistent, not horrible.
  • Start my own theme with the relevant test pages. Discovered emacs is confused by tera templating.
  • Took a side trip to vscode and check their tera support. And I don’t need the cognitive load of doing things the vscode way.
  • Tracked down a tera mode for emacs, just not packaged for ELPA yet.
  • Discovered my emacs compiled config build doesn’t handle unpackaged random elisp right now.
  • Discovered the emacs releases weren’t including a version in the artifact.
  • Discovered git flow was configured wrong on the local repo.

The success: v20210117-03 and a few new features and bugfixes in develop branch.