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The bad news: Recruiting is a pile of shit for candidates, recruiters, account managers, and hiring managers.

The good news: We can improve that

More bad news: You should feel uncomfortable after reading ths

More good news: Maybe it’s a growth opportunity

The first two items resonated on making the job hunt suck less. Let’s see how I botch it with the rest.

  1. Worry less about if they like you, and more about if you even like them.
    • The money and toys from the job sound great. Would you buy their product?
    • The potential candidate matches on the binary search. Yet 2 out of 3 posts from the candidate condemn your client. Are you trying to get fired?
    • Would you want your child or your parent working this role?
  2. Rejection is not as personal as it feels. Liking someone or being liked is more about compatibility than inherent worth.
    • This stands on its own
  3. Stop choosing what isn’t choosing you. If it’s not mutual, why pursue it?
    • This should stand on its own. It won’t in our current fucked up world. Something for later.
  4. Ask yourself: Would you be friends with this person if you weren’t physically attracted to them? Be honest.
    • It’s skills, interest, products, and services in recruiting instead of physical attraction… Although we’ve seen the attraction card played too often for soft roles.
    • Something goes wrong and rotten when sex appeal is played by account managers and recruiters. That’s a topic I’m not comfortable tackling
  5. Get clear on what you want to give in a relationship, not just what you want to receive. What unique value do you bring to the partnership?
    • Candidates, be fucking clear on this and set some goddamned boundaries.
    • Recruiters and Account Mangers, be crystal clear on your value add. We know when a job posting has bounced from internal recruiter to agency #1 to agency #7 in 1 year. And if your value add is a touch of vulnerability and the contingency fee to your agency’s coffers… fucking tell us.
    • Hiring Managers, I have no fucking clue where to start.
  6. Know what you want from a potential partner. What are your non-negotiables? What are you flexible on? Then communicate your needs, don’t just think them.
    • Should stand on its own, and won’t.
  7. Stop being shocked by repeated behavior. For example, if someone has continuously shown you they aren’t a good texter, stop expecting them to be. Notice patterns and believe them.
    • Which means… I should start logging which recruiters and which agencies ask for resumes without providing job descriptions.
    • Recruiters should damn well listen when the potential candidate says “I prefer the written word.” Punt to someone else if you can’t write.
  8. You don’t need to be perfect o be loved. “Perfection” isn’t relatable. You can’t connect to it. We all have flaws and vulnerabilities, and being able to own them is the most attractive things we can do. The right person will embrace the things you once felt you had to hide.
    • Look, tell us what’s shitty about the job.
    • We’ll tell you what we’re absolute shit at doing.
  9. Your love life is one area of your life. Don’t forget to nurture the rest. Significant other aside, when you visualize coming home to a life you love, what does that look like? Get Specific.
    • Don’t forget to include beds, showers, and toothbrushes if you’re offering free lunch and dinner as a perk.