“Where do you see yourself in five years,” goes the interview question.

Improving rural communications. Working on food security and regenerative farming. Making rural and urban America better neighbors. Working an information technology job to fill the gaps.


Rural communications connectivity. Because folks buy online. Most states neglected their rural mobile and fixed networks. California has a stretch of highway with no mobile service for 40 miles. Virginia has communications dead zones where people live. First glance “Create a non profit similar to Maine Farmland Trust or Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund.” However, small telcos have done well in Utah. Perhaps convince them other states are viable markets.

Writing, accounting, and business education. Because farming is a business. Business flounder without basic business skills. Maintaining a product inventory helps taxes, aids catalog creation, and drives online sales. Marketing remains story telling at its core. That means clear, engaging, simple writing. And simple aint easy. And the successful farms have enough accounting skill to keep the books balanced.

Food security. The pandemic showed how much of America’s meat is processed by only a few facilities. Those few abuse everyone. Most states are simple on poultry. Red meat has hurdles due to large minimum for custom processors. How does one manage a friendly neighborhood abbatoir?

Regenerative farming. I get my best grass and vegetables where the ducks and geese pass. I understand it grows even better when ruminants mow it first. Grass seems magical at capturing sunlight and carbon. Ruminants make it more magical.

Good neighbors. Current zoning creates a war between rural and urban. Farming is a fun mixture of animals, plants, housing, industrial and commercial use. And it must coexist.